Good Happenings for the Planet so far in 2019

Updated: May 1, 2019

1. More companies went regenerative.

2. The EU Government took a stand on plastic pollution.

3. New York banned the bag.

4. The kids spoke up.

5. Puerto Rico set a new sustainable standard.

6. Brands signed onto the reusable economy.

7. Park prescriptions went mainstream.

8. For one day, online shopping went carbon neutral.

9. Our National Parks got the star treatment.

10. Solar and wind became more and more appealing.

11. Companies championed ingredients that give back to the planet.

12. Burger King did the impossible.

13. We all hopped on the secondhand train.

14. Finland committed to phasing out coal within 10 years.

15. NYC schools went meatless.

16. Ride-sharing got a little greener.

17. 100 million trees will now be coming our way.

18. U.S. National Parks had a big win.

19. The world got a beautiful new magazine—focused almost entirely on climate change.

Check out more information on how we helped the planet in the original article here.

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