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What We Do and Sell to Customers

Since 1984, we’ve been serving the Massachusetts community with healthy food products and have been promoting healthy food habits and lifestyles. Better Life Whole Foods is your first step towards a more nutritious and wholesome life. From organic produce to support the local farmers to gluten-free and vegan alternatives to support all lifestyles—we have it all!

Through our years of providing quality products and positive customer service, we have dedicated local shoppers who are incredibly satisfied with our products. To make our products more accessible, we also sell them online. If you are health conscious and want to stay healthy, visit our store in Springfield today.

Our History and Inspiration

We are the oldest and most comprehensive health food store in Springfield and surrounding areas. We have been offering and educating the Springfield community on the natural ways to improve health. Our extremely knowledgeable staff can always help you choose the right products from our diverse collection.

Why Shop from Our Health Food Store?

At our store, you will always be able to get the best and most organic health food that helps you to:

  • Live longer
  • Improve your eyes, teeth, and skin
  • Boost immunity
  • Strengthen bones and muscles
  • Promote digestive system functioning
  • Achieve and maintain a proper weight
  • Reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.

Meet Our Staff

We could not have run our store without our employees’ dedication and efforts.

Barbara received her B.S. in Nutrition from UMass Amherst and has followed her passion of passing along her knowledge of helping others achieve total body balance, to recover from injuries, and recover from minor or major illnesses. Barbara is also a Certified Herbalist, and Office Manager for The Naturopathic Doctors at The Integrative Health Group adjacent to Better Life Whole Foods. She has been with Better Life Whole Foods for over 24 years providing consultative customer service to anyone seeking professional health and wellness guidance. Barbara is very proud of her children and grandchildren that carry on her traditions of Native American Culture and Heritage.


Community Liason/Outreach/Provider/Buyer

Talyn is a Westen Mass native that served her country Honorably in the Navy for several years. There she Maintenace Flight Manager on the USS Ronald Reagan where she learned how to improvise and fix just about anything. After the Navy she continued to pursue her interests and expand her personal development through; photography, fitness, music, nature, art, and herbalism. She is a follower of raw and plant-based diets so she is our resident expert in that field. In the shirt time at the store, she has taken over our social media, and artistic sign making, also she can fix or engineer a fix for anything that arises.

Talyn’s knowledge of supplements is a great resource here at Better Life. Want to find out if we have a supplement? Ask Talyn. With excellent attention to detail, passion for learning, incredible patience, and also excels at customer service.


Sales specialist/Provider/Buyer

October has always had an affinity for preventative care and a holistic approach to life. Living the Natural and Organic lifestyle she has practices learning new things every day and then passing that along to the customers she aids, this fills her with gratitude and grace. Her knowledge of our products is only surpassed by her willingness to continue learning for both her own fascination and the benefit of the customers.

Helping customers makes it “not feel like work to her”. Her fellow employees are some of the most amazing folks she has ever been blessed to come across. She says; “Everyone on the team here has strengths that complement one another.”

“Being at Better Life is wonderful. Truly , the name of the store says it all. Coming in to shop here can help you on your journey to a better life.”


Sales specialist/Provider/Buyer

Doreen’s interest in nutrition, wellness, and health came in the 80’s when Joe Weider and bodybuilding phenomena exploded. She became a dedicated gym rat for years and committed herself mentally and physically to training to enter bodybuilding competitions. That experience taught her self-discipline and the importance of exercise and proper eating habits. She had always worked in the clothing retail industry and realized her strengths in the merchandising realm where could utilize her creativity as an outlet and a way of expressing herself. After many years of marriage and raising children, she stepped into the landscaping field where she was able to expanded her creativity through landscape design. The beauty of nature pulled her into the hiking world and that continues her journey and quest for inner peace.
Doreen came to Better Life Whole Foods in her later years looking for a way to give back to the community and always hungry to continue learning about self-care, nutrition, wellness, and supplementation. Doreen finds this field exciting and vast while being a perfect fit for her personality. Every day she looks forward to meeting new people, listening to their needs, and sharing her expertise while learning something new as part of her service to bettering lives! See you at the store!

Sales specialist/Provider/Buyer

Miklos purchased Better Life Whole Foods in 2022, but has been part of the community for years. His passion for whole, clean, organic, and local foods let him to take on the challenge of growing Better Life Whole Foods.



We’re looking for the next team member to help our customers. Better Life Whole Foods is a great place to learn, grow, and contribute to our community.


Future Better Life'rs

Our Store Policies


Returns are only for the first 10 days, unopened and unused and with original receipt.

Credit Cards

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are approved.

Customer Help

We pride ourselves on being available when you have questions. Get one-on-one help with staff and management.

Special Orders

Special orders may be made on stock and catalogs. Anything frozen or perishable must be picked up the day it arrives in the store. An item will be held for only 2 weeks.

Discount Days

All days 10% off!

  • Monday: Small Business Owner
  • Tuesday: Wiser Days, 62 years and up
  • Wednesday: Military and First Responders
  • Thursday: Healthcare including Natural Medicine
  • Friday: Active Students and Educators

*Cannot be combined with other sales.


All methods we use for collecting, storing, and using any personal information is kept private and secure. See our privacy policy for more details.