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Meditation and Chakra Balance

Thursday, April 19   6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

Have you been feeling scattered, stuck, stressed or bogged down? Are you looking to quiet your mind? Do you need some time to relax and recharge? Join us for just that. This will be a safe, inclusive, healing and loving gathering- A great boost in the middle of your week! We'll begin with a guided meditation to relax and ground everyone. Then move into a group chakra balance and energy work. This includes Reiki, crystal, essential oils and some shamanic based energy work provided by Katie of Spirit Remedies. The intention is that everyone leaves feeling lighter and more relaxed than when they walke din the door! Please arrive 5 minutes early as doors will lock at 6:05pm. There will be chairs available but you are welcome to bring a cushion or mat if you prefer to sit on the floor. *Recommended to bring water*

Energy Exchange= $10-20 (depending on what you are able to offer)
Space is limited so make sure to reserve your spot by stopping in the store or calling 413-783-9424 ext 2
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Nail polishes to avoid
Most commercial nail polishes contain toluene, a clear, colorless solvent that gives nail polish its fluid quality and improves drying time. Toluene is used to make products such as dyes, paints, paint thinners, and explosives and is absorbed easily through the skin or through inhalation.

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