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Celebrate Earth Day with us!

Kim Ladue, a holistic nurse, educator, and practitioner will be giving a lecture on GMO's on Saturday, April 26th.

Don't miss out!



Celiac Support Group at Better Life

1500 Allen St. Springfield, MA 01118


Dawn Allen, author of "Culinary Creativity" gluten and dairy free cookbook, will speak April 16, 2014 at 6 p.m.


To register for this event, call or come into the store.

1500 Allen St. Springfield, MA 01118 


We are a support group that helps those living with celiac disease. This group offers individuals and parents of children with celiac disease or gluten intolerance, a chance to meet and share information, provide support, share resources for gluten free food items, information on gluten free cooking, and share current information on Celiac.

The group meets on the 3rd Wednesday every other month

For more information call Barbara

at 413-783-9424 ext. 4



 Better Life Whole Foods is a proud supporter of the Non- GMO Project.  We try our best to only support products with NO genetically modified ingredients.  To learn more about GMOs and to find out which companies are dedicated to bringing us Non GMO products, click here.


Please E-mail to register for events or call 413-783-9424 ext. 2

What's New at Better Life
Also, destress from the holidays. We now sell Holy Basil tea in bulk.

We now carry a new line of makeup by Suki that are free of toxic chemicals.

Recipes created by Rob Landolphi

Certified Organic, Fair Trade Coffees

We offer a wide selection of gluten free foods.

This easy to use, individual cup coffee machine will transform your morning wake up.

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