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Our store wants to make sure our customers have the ability to clearly understand our in-store policies as a way to make their shopping experience better and easier.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact us or message us directly through chat. We'll be happy to help.


  • Items may be returned with receipt for a full refund by the original method of payment up to 30 business days* after purchase date.

  • If there is no receipt, customers may exchange the product for another purchase in the store and/or receive a store gift card with the original/left over exchange credit. Exchanges are up to 30 business days* as well.

  • Special Orders may not be returned or exchanged after arriving. 


Forms of Payment

  • Debit

  • Credit Cards​**

  • Visa

  • MasterCard

  • Discover

  • American Express

  • Personal Checks 

    • Personal Checks are accepted with a valid form of ID and an accompanying phone number.

    • Third party checks and WIC checks are not accepted.

  • EBT

    • EBT is accepted for all grocery products.

  • WIC ​

Special Orders

  • Special orders may be made on in-stock and catalog items***.

  • All case orders will be given a 10% discount.

  • Any Grocery item has to be purchased by the case, this includes the 10% case discount.

  • Special Orders will be held for only 14 business days*.

  • Payment is due when the Special Order is taken.

    • If the order never arrives, you will be refunded.

  • We can not guarantee your order will arrive in a certain time frame​.

  • We require your personal information in order to place the order.

    • First and Last Name​

    • Phone Number

    • Payment

  • Special Orders may not be returned after arriving. 


  • Discounts will not be given to those that don't meet the criteria of being a Teacher, Student, Senior, and/or Veteran.

  • We may require a valid form of ID from you to prove your Teacher, Student, Senior, and/or Veteran status.

  • Discounts will not be given outside of their designated days.

    • Holidays do not ​change the designated days, i.e. if we are closed on Senior Tuesday, you will not receive a discount until the next Senior Tuesday.

  • We will not give discounts to those who have 'received a discount before​' without abiding to our criteria.

  • Discounts are only to be given out to those with a coupon or those that meet our criteria on our specific days. No exceptions. 

  • Discounts may not be combined, the greater discount will be favored on each product.

  • For our specific discounts, click here.


*Business days refer to the days we are open, so when we close for a holiday, that would not be considered a business day.

**If the card is not signed or says a variation of 'See ID', we have the right to check your form of ID. This is to match your name with the Credit Card. If you would not like to show your form of ID, you may sign the card on the spot. We have the right to refuse your purchase if you do not show your form of ID or sign it on the spot.

***We do not guarantee our ability to order a product, even if it is in-stock or in the catalog.